8 Best Short Hair with Highlights for 2024

8 Best Short Hair with Highlights for 2024

Short hair with highlights continues to be a popular choice, offering versatility and style for all hair types. In this article, we’ll explore eight of the best short hairstyles with highlights for 2024, each designed to enhance your natural features and showcase your personality.

Thick Balayaged Curls

Embrace natural volume with thick balayaged curls, complemented by layers and bangs for added texture and dimension. This style is perfect for those seeking effortless elegance and movement in their hair.

Soft A-Line Bob

Opt for a low-maintenance soft A-line bob, slightly longer in the front than the back, to elongate and flatter oval and round face shapes effortlessly. The subtle highlights add depth and brightness to the overall look.

Curly Side-Parted Bob

Achieve chic style with a curly side-parted bob, featuring a short cut enhanced by a side part and side-swept bangs for added flair. The highlights add dimension and shine to the curls, creating a dynamic and eye-catching hairstyle.

Grown-Out Crop

Embrace elegance with a grown-out crop, featuring side-swept bangs and flattering layers for a wearable and sophisticated look. The highlights add warmth and contrast to the hair, enhancing its natural beauty.

Cropped Bangs

Stay on-trend with cropped bangs, the perfect accessory to complement long cuts of curls and add a touch of boldness. The highlights create a striking contrast against the dark hair, drawing attention to the face.

Thick Curly Cut

Manage thick curls with ease by opting for a layered cut with wispy bangs, adding gradual volume and texture effortlessly. The highlights brighten up the curls, giving them a sun-kissed glow.

The New Triangle Cut

Embrace a modern take on the triangle cut, transforming curls into a contemporary and stylish look. The highlights create depth and dimension, enhancing the geometric shape of the haircut.

Shaggy Shoulder Cut

Give a classic shoulder cut an edgy finish with shag-inspired layers and curtain bangs, ideal for extra volume and texture. The highlights add movement and definition to the layers, creating a lived-in and effortless style.

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